Email Client Setup Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free email app loaded with cutting-edge features for assured quality service. Incorporated with the latest technologies, Mozilla Thunderbird brings together speed and privacy for solving complex communication demands. There are multiple add-ons available with extensions and themes that offer us with high customization options.

In this blog, we will discuss how to setup Mozilla Thunderbird both manual and automatic in a simple way possible.If you want to setup a Gmail account or to any other email service providers, you can go with automatic Email Client Setup method.  If you don’t have the email provider listed in Thunderbird’s automatic configuration database or you want to set up a custom email, you can choose the manual method.

Basic requirements for setting up the email client setup of Mozilla Thunderbird:

  1. Find your domain name
  2. Note your email address
  3. Then your mail password

Configure Thunderbird in Mac system:

  1. Initially launch Thunderbird application
  2. Under the Set up an account option, choose Email
  3. In the following pop-up fill in the relevant information
  4. Once finishing the form, click continue
  5. Next , Thunderbird automatically configure the mail settings
  6. If you face any struggle with these step, you can click on “Manual config” button
  7. In the following page, fill out the required details
    1. IMAP or POP, we recommend IMAP
    2. Port , 143
    3. SSL, we recommend using SSL or TLS
    4. Username, you can use the email address
    5. Authentication, you can use the password
  8. Click Reset to confirm all the settings and click Done
  9. Once this step is over, you can add your account to the Thunderbird.

Manual email Client Setup Mozilla Thunderbird

As we discussed, some may experience a distress with automatic email configuration. In that tome you can follow the manual email client configuration. For that follow the below given simple steps.

  1. In the Mail Account Setup page, click on the Stop button
  2. Then click on the Manual Setup button for entering the appropriate account information
  3. In the following window, choose Server settings
  4. Then set the incoming mail server details in this page
  5. Enter the server name as email access domain
  6. Then under security settings, select SSL/TSL
  7. For user name, enter your email address
  8. Now from the left pane, choose Outgoing server option
  9. Then click on the Edit button
  10. In the connection security, select SSL/TLS option
  11. Next under the Security and authentication, check the authentication method is set to normal password
  12. The user name is your full email address and click Ok
  13. Finally at the top left corner of the page click on the Get Mail button

In this blog, we have come across the automatic Mozilla Thunderbird configuration and Manual configuration. Automatic configuration requires you to enter the credentials including name, address, and password. You have to wait for the incoming and outgoing email server setup. For manual configuration, you have to manually enter the credentials along with the incoming and outgoing server details.