How to Set Up Signature in Thunderbird Email?

Email signatures are used to provide your contact details, legal terms, and other relevant information. Once you configure Thunderbird signature settings, your signature gets automatically added at the end of the email message.

In addition, you don’t have to insert the signature every time you write a new message to reply to the incoming email messages. To access this sort of convenience, you will have to do a Thunderbird signature setup.

Learn with us how to set up a signature in Thunderbird email.

Different Ways for Thunderbird Signature Setup

To set up the email signatures in your Thunderbird account, you can use different methods. For instance, you can create the signature directly in the HTML editor. This is the easiest way to do a Thunderbird signature setup as you will only have to enter the HTML code of your signature.

By importing a text, HTML, or image file (that contains your signature) into your Thunderbird account, you can also insert the email signature.

Apart from this, you can manually create the email signature. However, this procedure can consume more time as you will have to write the signature in an email, create an HTML code for it and then use it in the HTML editor.

You can perform any of the methods based on your convenience. Let’s go through the detailed procedure for setting up the signature in your Thunderbird account.

Method 1: Thunderbird Signature Setup in HTML Editor

To create your signature in the HTML editor, one has to configure Thunderbird signature settings. For instance, open the email account, access the account settings, and enter the HTML code in the respective place.

For step-by-step details, you can carry out the following information for the Thunderbird signature setup:

  • Launch Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Then, click on the name of your email account.
  • After this, move to the Accounts menu.
  • Select the View settings for this account button.
  • Open the Signature text section from the Account settings screen.
  • Here, you can select the Use HTML option so you can use the HTML code.
  • Move to the Signature text box and start typing the signature directly in HTML code.
  • Once the signature in the HTML code is prepared, you can click OK and move forward.
  • Now, return to the main view of Mozilla Thunderbird and select Write. Here, you can enter your email message.
  • At this moment, you will find your created signature in the email body.

By following these steps, you can easily complete the Thunderbird signature setup. Make sure you enter the correct HTML code for creating your signature. While you write your email message, the created signature will appear in the same place.

Thunderbird Create the Signature in the Email

Method 2: Import File Containing Your Signature

Another way to create your email signature is to import the HTML file that contains your signature. Remember the file could be image or text type. To import this signature file, you will have to open the account settings and attach the file by browsing it from your computer.

Proceed with the Thunderbird signature setup by executing these steps:

  • Access your Thunderbird account.
  • Click on the name of your email account.
  • Go to the Accounts menu.
  • Open the View settings for this account section.
  • Alternatively, you can access the Thunderbird menu and select Option & Account Settings.
  • Here, you are supposed to mark the Attach the signature from a file instead (text, HTML, or image) checkbox.
  • After this, click the Choose button and browse the file from your system that contains your email signature.
  • Once you select an HTML file containing the email signature, hit the Open button. This will import the file to your Thunderbird account.
  • Click the OK button.

Now every time you write a new email message, your email signature will be available there. To verify this, you can click on the Write button from the top. So, that is how you can successfully create the email signature by importing a file to Thunderbird.

Method 3: Manual Setup for Thunderbird Signature

Thunderbird signatures can also be created manually. To perform this method, you are required to create a new email message. Once you create your signature, create an HTML code for your signature.

Later, you can use this HTML code of your signature in the Signature Text box. This will automatically insert your email signature at the end of every email message. Read more in detail.

Create the Signature in the Email Message Window

  • Open your Thunderbird account.
  • Then, click the Write option from the top menu. This will open a box for writing a new message.
  • Once you get into the new message window, you can also create your signature. Basic tools can be used for this so you can adjust the email signature design based on your preference.
  • In addition, you can take advantage of formatting options from the Format and Insert tabs.

Open the Signature in HTML Window and Copy the Code

  • Once you are done creating your signature, select all the signature portions. You can go to the Edit tab and click the Select All option. Alternatively, use the Ctrl + A keys for selecting the signature.
  • After selecting the entire signature, switch to the Insert tab.
  • Select the HTML… option. This will open a new window named Insert HTML. Here, you will find your signature in HTML code.
  • Now, copy the HTML code to the clipboard and select the Cancel button to close the window.

Paste the HTML Code into the Signature Text Field

  • Go to the Accounts menu.
  • Open the View settings for this account section.
  • Alternatively, you can access the Thunderbird menu and select Option & Account Settings.
  • Then, open the Signature text option and paste the HTML code you copied earlier.
  • Make sure the Use HTML checkbox is marked here.
  • Select the OK button to save your changes.
  • Return to the main view of the Thunderbird account and select the Write button from the top.

When a window displays to create a new message, you will find your created email signature in the place. Although this procedure is lengthy, it still can be used as an alternative method.

To Wind Up

Email signatures leave a good impression on the receiver. It makes your email message sound more authentic and professional while providing your contact information to the user. If you use a Thunderbird account and want to do a Thunderbird signature setup, the aforementioned ideas are quite helpful to follow. Just make sure you properly configure the Thunderbird signature settings.

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