Mozilla Thunderbird Features

Mozilla thunderbird to access domain emails:

Setting up mail account

Have the information about your server input type like IMAP, SMTP, and SSL/TLS settings.And enter the required credentials like name, email address, and password. Then Thunderbird’s account setup wizardry will check the database and can help you setup email.

Setting up address book

No need to type or enter the email address in full every time rather you can store or save the email address easily in the thunderbird’s address book at one tap. Further you can add some extra information for each email in the address book including photo, birth date and other contact details.

Archive messages

Want your inbox messages to be stored for future use without deleting them and also want your inbox to be clean? Then Thunderbird’s archive message option can help you smartly manage your inbox.

Folder creation

Easily manage multiple email accounts with merging of folders like archive, sent and inbox. By doing so, you can check your entire mail message in one folder.

Search bar

No more scrolling up and down, type in the text recipient or the subject to find the exact mail message within seconds.Further the timeline tools along with filtering option makes the searching process much easier for the email users.

Filter tool

The much intelligent filter tool of thunderbird saves a lot of your time. Finding the required message and switching back and forth to the message and the folder.

Email tabs

Want to keep multiple emails open for reference, and then this tabbed email feature of Thunderbird can assist you. The visible tabs will be saved while closing thunderbird. The toolbar or the tab menu can help you with this switching process.

File sharing

You can upload your large files on to the storage provider and share the link instead of sharing the large files directly to your recipient.These features can improve the message sharing speed, saves space and prevents message rejection issues.

UI customization

Want to work on light theme or dark theme?Thunderbird has options that can please your eyes in different ways.

Add-ons management

No need to go for a separate Add-ons website, you can find and install the required add-on directly from the Thunderbird. Being in dilemma to choose what to download? You can check the best one with the recommendation, descriptions and ratings.